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An interactive module to identify the best Mirus Bio solution for your experiments. Follow each step of the flowchart by selecting the nucleic acid you are transfecting, which will lead you to the most appropriate product offered by The Transfection Experts. Each listing will guide you to the respective product web page for more information including data, protocols and how to sample for free. Go there now »


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The Mirus Bio citations database has over 1600 published citations using Mirus' TransIT® in vitro electroporation and transfection reagents, on 492 unique cell lines and primary cells. Search Citation Database

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Reagent Agent® is a tool designed to help you determine the best delivery solution for any nucleic acid into any cell type including hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells.

Recommendations are based on extensive in-house transfection and electroporation data, customer feedback, and citations that are all continually updated.

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