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Your V.I.P ticket to the
highest transfection performance
at lower costs

Highest titers & percent-full capsids

2-4x increase in AAV titer

>50% reduction in cost per dose, 2x does per bioreactor run

Improve product quality with better full:empty capsid ratios

White-glove support

Expert onsite FAS support

Transfection & complex delivery parameter process optimization

Improve consistency of scale-up

Membership benefits

Fold increases in titer lead to massive saving per dose

Use ≥33% less pDNA with VirusGEN and less pDNA with VirusGEN and RevIT to drive lower total cost per batch

Turn on the TAP

Evaluating new technologies during process development can be time-consuming. And while you want to integrate the best solutions to optimize your workflow, demands on your time can make it difficult.

That’s why we’ve introduced Transfection Adoption Partnership services. If you’re ready to take your transfection process to the next level and achieve at least a 2x improvement in titer, give us a call.

Our team of application scientists will partner with you to evaluate our VirusGEN® transfection reagent, head-to-head with your current process. We’ll eliminate the burden of managing the evaluation process with special membership benefits and pricing. 

Are you a fit for our TAP program?

Why TAP?

VirusGEN® with RevIT™ AAV Enhancer delivers fold increase in titer as well as better percent-full capsids

6.1X increase
in titer over Polymer P

~2X increase
in full capsids vs. Polymer F

How TAP Works


  • Understand current processes and performance
  • Align on best practices and success criteria
  • Agree on test parameters and timelines


  • Review initial results (1 month)
  • Repeat with GOI or therapeutic asset
  • PD/Optimization (6 months)


  • Process / Complex delivery (9months)
  • Consistency of results
  • Quality and Regulatory support
  • Phase I/II (12 months)

Your TAP Team

As part of the TAP program, you have access to a dedicated team that will partner with you to ensure success.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your go-to point of contact for all things Mirus Bio

Field Application Scientist

Our transfection expert who guides process optimization and evaluation

Technical and Customer Support

Mirus support team is a single communication away