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SNiP-ing Success with CRISPR

Which reagent should I use for transfecting oligos?

Great Cycle Challenge

Transfection Troubleshooting Checklist

Leveraging Avian AAV in Pekin Duck Research

Toxic Transfections

Ancillary Materials

Peering into the Proteome of SMA

Thank You

(Re)Starting the Conversation

Deliverance: understanding transfection complexes

Optimizing Plasmid DNA Delivery

From AAV to TAZ

Extending Viability in CHO Cells

Zap That!

Tell Me More About Telomeres

Optimizing siRNA Delivery

Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 2

What media can I use to form transfection complexes?

Zinc Finger Transfection

How is transfection critical to the success of a cell or gene therapy?

Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 3

Hitting HIV with Combo Therapy

How can I increase my viral titers and improve the percentage of full AAVs?

Media Adaptation for Suspension Cells

Current FDA Approved Gene and Cell Therapies

Adapt Adherent CHO Cells to Suspension Culture

Transfection Efficiency

Regulate pLIVE® Expression Level

Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 1

CRISPR’ing Wheat with a Gene Gun

Storage of TransITs

Understand Viral Titer & Quality


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Co-transfection of multiple plasmid DNA

Co-transfection of plasmid DNA and siRNA

Co-transfection of plasmid DNA and mRNA

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CRISPR/Cas Transfection

CRISPR/Cas9 Transfection

CRISPR/Cas9 pDNA + gRNA Transfection

CRISPR/Cas9 mRNA + gRNA Transfection

CRISPR/Cas9 RNP Delivery

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Ingenio® Electroporation Solution Benefits

Competitive Comparison

RNAi Research Using Ingenio® Kits

FREE Solution or Trial Size Kits

Gene Silencing

Gene Silencing

siRNA Mediated Pathway

miRNA Mediated Pathway

shRNA Mediated Pathway

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High Throughput Transfection

High Throughput Transfection

Reverse Transfection of DNA

Reverse Transfection of siRNA

HT Transfection Reagents & Citations

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Journal Club

Journal Club Listing

Landing Pages

Best Practices in Transfection

White Paper: Understand Viral Titer and Quality

Podcast: Overcoming Viral Vector Optimization for Hemophilia Gene Therapy

White Paper: Electroporation made easy for hard to transfect cells

Infographic: Large-scale Transfection

Poster: BPI 2022 Improving AAV and LV Upstream Manufacturing Using LPNCs

Discover The Transfection Experts

Discover The Transfection Experts

Discover The Transfection Experts

TransIT-X2® Broad Spectrum Transfection Reagent

TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent and Kits

EZporator® and Ingenio® Electroporation

CHOgro® Expression System Landing Page

Mirus Bio CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing

Viral Vector Development Webinar

Transfection Optimization Webinar

Citations Featuring Mirus Bio Products

Large Scale Protein Production

TransIT-PRO® for High Yield Protein Production

Antibody production in CHO cells

High Yield Protein Production in HEK 293 cells

Expi293F™ Transfection Protocol

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Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Trademarks, Patent and Licensing Information

Low Toxicity Transfection

Low Toxicity Transfections

Toxicity and Stress Response

Toxicity in Hela Cells

Toxicity in Other Cell Types

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TransIT®-mRNA Kit Benefits

Electroporation Comparison

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News Releases

News and Announcements

Mirus Bio Partners with Gamma Biosciences

NEW VirusGEN® GMP Product Line for Large-scale AAV and Lentivirus Production

Dale Gordon Appointed CEO of Mirus Bio

TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent and Kits

Lipid-Polymer Nanocomplexes for In Vivo mRNA Delivery

CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent

Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System

The Next Generation of Virus Production

Introducing Label IT® MFP488

Kytopen and Mirus Bio Announce Partnership

Introducing CHOgro® Expression System

Mirus Bio Releases Video Illustration

Mirus Announces: TransIT®-Insect

TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System

TransIT®-BrCa Transfection Reagent

Mirus to Award $250,000 of Transfection Products

Reagent Agent® Transfection Database

NEW TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit

New Ingenio® Electroporation Solution

Research Division Continues Independent Operation



Products: Accessories

Human IgG1 Expression Control

Label IT® Plasmid Delivery Controls

Label IT® RNAi Delivery Controls

MiraCLEAN® Endotoxin Removal Kit

Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail

Selection Antibiotics

Products: Electroporation

Ingenio® EZporator® Pulse Generator System

Ingenio® Electroporation Products

Ingenio® Electroporation Accessories

Products: In Vivo

pLIVE® In Vivo Expression and Reporter Vectors

TransIT®-EE Delivery Solution

TransIT®-QR Delivery Solution

Products: Labeling

Label IT® Nucleic Acid Labeling Reagents

Label IT® Nucleic Acid Modifying Reagent

Label IT® siRNA Tracker™ Intracellular Localization

Label IT® Tracker™ Intracellular Nucleic Acid Local

Products: Transfection

CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

CHOgro® Expression Media and Supplements

CHOgro® Expression System

TransIT®-2020 Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-293 Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-BrCa Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-CHO Transfection Kit

TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Transfection Kit

TransIT®-Insect Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-LT1 Transfection Reagent

TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit

TransIT®-Oligo Transfection Reagent

TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit

TransIT-siQUEST® Transfection Reagent

TransIT-TKO® Transfection Reagent

TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System

Products: Virus Production

TransIT-VirusGEN® GMP Transfection Reagent and Kits

TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent

TransIT-VirusGEN® Transfection Reagent and Kits

TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent

TransIT® Lentivirus System

flashBAC™ Baculovirus Expression System

pOET Transfer Plasmids



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Special Programs: Mirus Bio Outreach

Mirus Bio Outreach Program

Mirus Bio Outreach Program Participants

Mirus Bio Outreach Program Eligible Products

Mirus Bio Outreach Program Resources

Mirus Bio Outreach Program Terms & Conditions

Mirus Bio Outreach Program Contact

Special Programs: New Lab Start-up

New Lab and Grant Start-up Program

New Grant and Lab Start-up Program - FAQs

Stable Cell Line Generation

Stable Cell Line Generation

Antibiotic Kill Curve

Stable Transfection

Selection and Expansion of Clones

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Stem Cell Transfection Solutions

Stem Cell Solutions

DNA Transfection

RNA Transfection


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Tech Resources

Technical Resource Listing

Resource and Download Center

Reagent Agent® Transfection Database

Citations Database

Product Literature

Learn About Mirus Transfectopedia®

Tech Resources: FAQs

Product FAQs

VirusGEN® AAV Transfection Kit FAQs

VirusGEN® LV Transfection Kit FAQs

TransIT-VirusGEN® Reagent FAQs

TransIT-X2® FAQs

TransIT®-2020 FAQs

TransIT®-LT1 FAQs

TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit FAQs




Ingenio® FAQs

TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent FAQs

TransIT® Lentivirus System FAQs

flashBAC™ Baculovirus Expression Systems FAQs

CHOgro® High Yield Expression System FAQs

CHOgro® Expression System FAQs

Label IT® Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits FAQs

pLIVE® In Vivo Expression and Reporter Vectors FAQs

Tech Resources: Tips from the Bench

Tips from the Bench

Generate Stable Cell Lines

Compare Transfection Reagents

Track Intracellular Nucleic Acid Delivery

Deliver microRNA (miRNA) Effectively

Forward and Reverse Transfection Protocols

Reverse Transfection Protocol for Plasmid DNA

Reverse Transfection Protocol for siRNA/miRNA

Co-transfection Protocol for Plasmid DNA and siRNA

Co-transfection Protocol for Multiple Plasmid DNAs

Understand Electroporation Pulse Types

Optimize Electroporation Using Ingenio®

Use Ingenio® with Amaxa® Nucleofector® Device

Determine Labeling Success Using Label IT® Reagents

Calculate the Labeling Density of your Sample

Choosing a Labeling Kit

Post-labeling Purification of Nucleic Acids

Adjust Labeling Density Using Label IT® Reagents

Deliver siRNA In Vivo

Maintain Suspension HEK 293 Cells

Maintain Suspension CHO Cells

Media Adaptation for Suspension Cells


What Is Transfection

Virus Production

Lentivirus Production

Baculovirus Production

TransIT® for DNA Mediated Virus Production

TransIT® for RNA Mediated Virus Production

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