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High, Reproducible Protein Yield in Suspension CHO and 293 Cells

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Working with suspension CHO cells?

NEW! TransIT-PRO® is now is a part of a complete high yield CHOgro® Expression System developed to achieve high yields in suspension CHO cells. Find out more >>

Ideal for Biotherapeutic Protein Production in Suspension CHO and 293 Cells

Reach critical stages faster. Decrease time to produce usable protein by maximizing target protein yields through transient transfection. The TransIT-PRO® Transfection Reagent & Kit use animal origin free components designed for high and reproducible protein yield in suspension CHO and 293 derived cells. Since it is compatible with varied media formulations, the same media can be used for both transient and stable expression. Use with CHOgro® Expression Media for highest yield in suspension CHO cells. TransIT-PRO® outperforms linear PEI in protein yield, while providing a cost-effective alternative to FreeStyle™ MAX.

  • High Protein Yield – in Suspension CHO and 293 cells, including CHO-S and Expi293F™ cells
  • Compatible with Multiple CHO Media Formulations – Use with CHOgro® Expression Medium to Achieve Highest Yields
  • Simple Workflow – Reproducible Protein Expression with Minimal Optimization

Figures and Data

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High Efficiency Transfection of CHO-S cells Using the TransIT-PRO Transfection Reagent

High Efficiency Transfection of CHO-S Cells Using the TransIT-PRO® Transfection Reagent. Plasmid DNA encoding EGFP was delivered by transient transfection with the TransIT-PRO® Transfection Reagent (1:1) (reagent:DNA ratio, volume:weight) using 1 µg plasmid DNA per milliliter of culture and cell a density of 2 x 106 cells/ml in the CHOgro® Expression Medium at the time of transfection.  FreeStyle™ CHO-S cells were cultured in CHOgro® Expression Medium  and plated into non-treated 6-well plates (2 ml/well) for transfection. (A) GFP levels and cell viability (propidium iodide) were measured 48 hours post-transfection using a Guava® easyCyte™ 5HT flow cytometer (EMD Millipore). (B) Images were captured using a Zeiss Axiovert inverted fluorescence microscope.

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TransIT-PRO Yields Multi-fold Increases in Antibody Titer in Conjunction with CHOgro Expression Medium

TransIT-PRO® Yields Multi-fold Increases in Antibody Titer in Conjunction with CHOgro® Expression Medium. Human IgG1 was produced by transient transfection using TransIT-PRO® (1:1), FreeStyle™ MAX (1.25:1.25) or 25kDa linear PEI (6:1) transfection reagents according to the manufacturers’ or published protocol (reagent:DNA ratio). Transfections were performed using 1 µg plasmid DNA per milliliter of culture and cell densities of 2 x 106 cells/ml or 1x 106 cells/ml for the CHOgro® Expression Medium (red bars) or FreeStyle™ Expression Medium (blue bars), respectively, at the time of transfection. FreeStyle™ CHO-S cells were cultured in CHOgro® Expression Medium or FreeStyle™ CHO Expression Medium and plated into non-treated 6-well plates (2ml/well) for transfection. Antibody levels were also analyzed from day 6 clarified supernatants using a human IgG ELISA (ZeptoMatrix). Error bars represent the standard deviation of triplicate technical replicates.

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Achieve High Protein Yields in Suspension 293 Cells

Achieve High Protein Yields Using TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit in Suspension 293 Cells. Ten different secreted (non‐antibody) proteins were transiently expressed in FreeStyle™ 293‐F cells (Life Technologies) using TransIT‐PRO (1.5:1) or 293fectin™ (Life Technologies, 2:1) transfection reagents according to manufacturer's protocol. Cells were grown in FreeStyle™ 293 Expression Medium at transfected at a density of 1 x 106 cells/ml. The scale of the transfection for each protein varied between 1‐6 L of culture. More experimental details here.

Data courtesy of a TransIT‐PRO pharmaceutical customer.



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All Configurations: Store at -20°C

Product Guarantee:
All Configurations: 1 year

Usage Statement:
All Configurations: For Research Use Only.

Animal Origin Statement:
All Configurations: This product is animal origin free.

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We recently engineered a bispecific immunofusion for the treatment and elimination of leukemia stem cells. For this work we chose TransIT-PRO® for antibody production in CHO-S cells based on the high protein yield we obtained. (Kuo et al. Protein Eng Des Sel. 2012 Oct;25(10):561-9. Epub 2012 Jun 27)
Jen-Sing Liu, Ph.D.
Molecular Templates Inc.