TransIT®-293 Transfection Reagent

A high efficiency, low toxicity, DNA transfection reagent optimized for 293 cells

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  • Unique Formulation – Maximize transfection performance in HEK 293 cells
  • High Efficiency Delivery – Achieve 75-85% transfection efficiency to ensure experimental success
  • Deliver Single or Multiple Plasmids – Ideal for specialized applications, such as virus production
  • Low Cellular Toxicity – Maintain cell density and reduce experimental biases

TransIT®-293 for high-titer virus production

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TransIT-293 Reagent Achieves High Transfection Efficiency

TransIT®-293 Reagent Achieves High Transfection Efficiency. HEK 293 cells transfected with pEGFP using TransIT®-293 Reagent in complete media for 24 hours.



Storage Conditions:
All Configurations: Store at 4°C, do not freeze

Product Guarantee:
All Configurations: 1 year

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I'm working with primary cells that are difficult to transduce, so I need to optimize my virus yield to ensure I get enough infection. The TransIT®-293 reagent is now going to be a permanent part of my arsenal.
Matt Lowrey
University of Iowa, Diana Zepeda