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Label IT® µArray Dual Labeling Kit

Optimized labeling kit designed for dual-channel microarray applications using Biotin and Fluorescein

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Label IT® µArray Dual Labeling Kit
  MIR 8105 2 x 5 reactions
This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.
  MIR 8125 2 x 25 reactions
This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

None: Includes reagents for biotin and fluorescein labeling reactions. Each reaction labels 1 µg of nucleic acid.

Product Overview

  • One-step Chemical Method – Easily and consistently achieve optimal labeling densities for microarray applications
  • Sensitive Detection – Confidently detect rare transcripts and small changes in gene expression
  • Versatile Labeling – Suitable for labeling mRNA, cDNA and cRNA templates with Biotin and Fluorescein dyes for expression profiling analysis

Kit Components:
Each Kit contains Label IT® Biotin and Fluorescein Reagents, Reconstitution Solution, 10X Labeling Buffer M, Reagent D1, Buffer N1, 0.5M EDTA, 10X STOP Reagent and 5X Fragmentation Buffer. Biotin and Fluorescein detection reagents are not included.

Figures and Data

Label IT uArray Dual Labeling Kit

The Label IT® µArray Dual Labeling Kit. The Label IT® biotin and fluorescein reagents are composed of three regions: a biotin or fluorescein label (green), the linker (yellow) which facilitates electrostatic interactions with nucleic acids and the reactive alkylating group (blue) that covalently attaches the Label IT® reagent to any reactive heteroatom within cDNA or rRNA molecules. The covalent attachment of the Label IT® reagents to cDNA or cRNA does not alter their structure or downstream hybridization performance, and thus, once labeled, the biotin and fluorescein labeled cDNA or cRNA samples can be pooled and hybridized to gene expression microarrays. Hybridized molecules are then detected using anti-fluorescein antibodies and streptavidin each conjuagated with an appropriate fluorephore.

Label IT uArray Dual Kit Labels any Nucleic Acid Sample

Label IT® µArray Dual Kit Labels any Nucleic Acid Sample. The Label IT® µArray Dual Labeling Kit was used to label mRNA directly for hybridization to duplicate double-stranded cDNA arrays (top), or cDNA and cRNA samples for hybridization to sense-strand oligo arrays (middle, bottom). For each microarray hybridization, the mRNA sample was divided, labeled independently with biotin and fluorescein, pooled, and hybridized to the indicated arrays. All microarray features should be yellow since they were derived from the same sample. Labeled samples were detected using a Streptavdin-Cy®3 and an anti-FL-Cy®5 conjugate.

Direct mRNA Labeling for Gene Expression Analysis

Direct mRNA Labeling for Gene Expression Analysis. To compare the effect of labeling biases on microarray data, brain and liver mRNA samples were each directly labeled for analysis in each channel and pooled appropriately for a "label-swap" experiment using spotted cDNA microarrays (top). Equivalent gene expression ratios were determined for each gene from both analyses (bottom), indicating the reproducibility of gene expression results and the absence of label incorporation bias. In the label-swap experiment, the average log2 ratio of the Cy®5/Cy®3 signal ratio for each gene is expected to change sign (e.g. from +1 to -1) when samples are labeled for detection in the opposite channel. Each microarray hybridization contained six replicate features per gene and was conducted in duplicate.

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