Label IT® Nucleic Acid Modifying Reagent

Efficient, direct, non-enzymatic attachment of functional groups to DNA and RNA

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MIR 3925Sufficient reagent for modifying 25 µg of nucleic acidMIR 3900Sufficient reagent for modifying 100 µg of nucleic acid

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  • Modify Any DNA or RNA Template – Direct, covalent attachment of amine functional groups to any nucleic acid
  • One-step Chemical Method – Easily and consistently control the density of nucleic acid modification
  • Covalent Mechanism – Permanent, non-destructive modification of nucleic acids which can then be conjugated to proteins or peptides, or attached to glass surfaces, or beads or plates

Kit Components:
Each Kit contains Label IT® Reagent, Label IT® Reconstitution Solution, Labeling Buffer, Solutions and G50 Spin Columns.

Figures and Data

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Label IT Nucleic Acid Modifying Kit

Label IT® Nucleic Acid Modifying Kit. The Label IT® nucleic acid modifying reagent is composed of three regions: the reactive NH2 modifying group (green), the linker (yellow) which facilitates electrostatic interactions with nucleic acids and the reactive alkylating group (blue) that covalently attaches the Label IT® modifying reagent to any reactive heteroatom within nucleic acids. Attachment of the Label IT® modifying reagent to nucleic acids does not alter the structure of the nucleic acids or affect downstream hybridization performance. Once labeled, the nucleic acids can be coupled to reactive substrates of other chemical entities through the added NH2 reactive groups.

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Demonstration of the Functionality of Amine Groups on Modified DNA

Demonstration of the Functionality of Amine Groups on Modified DNA. Plasmid DNA (5.6 kb) was reacted with Label IT® Amine Reagent at the ratios (w:w) of labeling reagent to DNA indicated and purified by ethanol precipitation. Five µg of the modified DNA, in triplicate, was reacted with 10 mM NHS ester TM-Rhodamine and 100 mM NaHCO3 (pH 8 - 8.5) for 1 hour at room temperature in the dark. The DNA was again ethanol precipitated, washed extensively, and assayed for labeling efficiency.



Storage Conditions:
All Configurations: Store the Label IT® Reagent at -20°C in both dried pellet and reconstituted form. Store all other supplied reagents at -20°C. Store G50 microspin purification columns at 4°C. DO NOT FREEZE.

Product Guarantee:
All Configurations: 1 year (6 months after reconstitution)

Usage Statement:
All Configurations: For Research Use Only.

Animal Origin Statement:
All Configurations: This product is animal origin free.

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