Proteinase K

For DNA and RNA isolation

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Proteinase K is a highly stable serine protease with the following features:

  • High Purity – Purified to eliminate DNase and RNase activity
  • High Activity – Active in a wide range of reaction conditions
  • Broad Spectrum – Non-specific protease activity digests a broad range of proteins
  • Effective – Efficiently removes protein contaminants

Proteinase K is commonly used in the purification of nucleic acids from cell lysates or to remove unwanted DNases and RNases from nucleic acid preparations. Proteinase K efficiently degrades a broad range of proteins in their native state and retains activity even in the presence of denaturants such as SDS and urea.

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Proteinase K Structure

Proteinase K Structure. Ribbon diagram illustrating the molecular structure of Proteinase K.


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