Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, Animal Free

For mammalian cell and tissue extracts

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Mirus Bio Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, Animal Free provides the following features and benefits:

  • Convenient – Ready-to-use solution
  • High Activity – Optimized formulation for mammalian cell extracts
  • Broad Spectrum – Provides complete protection during protein isolation
  • Animal Component Free – All components in cocktail are of non-animal origin, including recombinant aprotinin

Cell lysis releases endogenous proteases into the cell extract where they are available to degrade proteins present in the lysate. During protein purification, it is critical to protect your protein of interest against uncontrolled proteolysis caused by proteases present in cell and tissue extracts.

The addition of protease inhibitors to cell lysis and protein purification buffers improves the yield of intact, active target proteins by protecting your protein of interest against degradation by cellular proteases. Mirus Protease Inhibitor Cocktail is an optimized formulation of inhibitors (AEBSF, Aprotinin (recombinant, animal origin free), Bestatin, E-64, Leupeptin, and Pepstatin A ) selected for their ability to inhibit proteases known to be present in mammalian cell extracts.

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, Animal Free Components

Component Concentration Target
AEBSF 100 mM Serine Proteases
Aprotinin (recombinant, animal origin free) 80 µM Serine Proteases
Bestatin 5 mM Serine Proteases
E-64 1.5 mM Cysteine Proteases
Leupeptin 2 mM Cysteine Protease
Trypsin-like Proteases
Pepstatin A 1 mM Aspartic Proteases

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