Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit

Sensitive, rapid and quantitative detection of luciferase expression

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Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit
  MIR 5950 100 reactions
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Product Overview

The Mirus Bio Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit is a sensitive, rapid, and quantitative detection assay for firefly luciferase expression. Since the light is emitted briefly, it is only compatible with luminometers equipped with injectors. Salient features include:

  • High Sensitivity – Detect as low as 60 femtogram or 10-20 moles of luciferase
  • Easy to Use – Simple protocol using premixed substrate solution
  • Convenient – Compatible with high throughput 96-well format

Kit Components: 
11.5 ml Substrate Solution F and 5 x 12.5 ml Luciferase Cell Lysis Solution

Figures and Data

Linear Correlation Between the Concentration of Firefly Luciferase and Light Emitted

Linear Correlation Between the Concentration of Firefly Luciferase and Light Emitted. The Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit (Mirus) was used to measure QuantiLum recombinant luciferase (Promega) after serial dilution in Luciferase Cell Lysis Solution. The assay was performed by adding 10 µl of each luciferase dilution to wells of a microplate, then injecting 100 µl of Substrate Solution F and recording light over a 10 second integration time using a Turner BioSystems Veritas Microplate Luminometer. For comparison, Luciferase Assay System (Promega) was used to assay the same luciferase dilutions according to the manufacturer’s protocol.

Mechanism of Firefly Luciferase Reporter Assay

Mechanism of Firefly Luciferase Reporter Assay. Firefly luciferase from Photinus pyralis, a 61 kDa monomer, can be utilized as a reporter gene assay for many biotechnology applications including monitoring transient luciferase expression levels in mammalian cells. Maximum light output is achieved when substrate and co-factors are present in large excess, resulting in a direct correlation between the light emitted from the reaction and the number of luciferase enzyme molecules present. Luciferase is not endogenous in mammalian cells, therefore very low background levels are observed. Firefly luciferase is a cytoplasmic protein that must be released from cells through lysis in order to quantify.

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