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TransIT-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent – 1.0 mL

A high efficiency, low toxicity, DNA transfection reagent optimized for keratinocyte cells

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  • Unique Formulation – Maximize transfection performance in keratinocyte cells
  • Low Cellular Toxicity – Maintain cell density and reduce experimental biases
  • High Efficiency Delivery – Achieve 20-30% transfection efficiency to ensure experimental success


TransIT-Keratinocyte GFP Data

TransIT®-Keratinocyte Reagent Achieves High Transfection Efficiency. Near-Diploid Immortalized Keratinocytes transfected with a Beta-galactosidase reporter vector using TransIT®-Keratinocyte Reagent in complete media for 48 hours. Reporter protein was detected using Mirus Bio’s Beta-Galactosidase Staining Kit.




SKU: MIR 2800



Storage Conditions
All Configurations: Store at 4°C

Product Guarantee
All Configurations: 1 year

Usage Statement
All Configurations: For Research Use Only.

Animal Origin Statement
All Configurations: This product contains raw materials that are derived from animals.


Technical Product Literature

Full Protocol
TransIT®-Keratinocyte Full Transfection Protocol (PDF)

Quick Reference Protocol
TransIT®-Keratinocyte Quick Ref Protocol (PDF)

TransIT®-Keratinocyte SDS (PDF)

Optimization Protocol
Optimization Protocol for DNA Transfection (PDF)

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Sally Mader, PhD
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