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RevIT AAV Enhancer – 1.5 mL (for 1 L of cell culture)

Paired with any transfection reagent, the RevIT AAV Enhancer delivers higher titers for recombinant adeno-associated virus production
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This novel enhancer is easily integrated into existing workflows, and it produces 2-4x higher titers across a range of serotypes, cellular growth media formulations, and transfection platforms. RevIT™ AAV Enhancer can further drive down upstream manufacturing costs by permitting the use of lower levels of plasmid DNA while maintaining high-quality titers. Continual improvements in both upstream and downstream AAV manufacturing processes will allow the next generation of gene therapies to reach a broader audience.

SKU: MIR 8000

Supporting Data




RevIT AAV titer enhancer improves titer across serotypes when used with polymer-only transfection reagents.




RevIT AAV titer enhancer can be used with any media or cell line to increase titer.



VirusGEN® plus RevIT AAV titer enhancer outperformed polymer-only reagents.


RevIT AAV titer enhancer improves titer across serotypes when used with the VirusGEN® transfection platform.



Storage Conditions
All Configurations: Store at -20ºC, protected from exposure to light.

Product Guarantee
All Configurations: 6 months

Usage Statement
All Configurations: For Research Use Only.

Animal Origin Statement
All Configurations: This product is animal origin free.


Technical Product Literature

Full Protocols
RevIT™ AAV Enhancer QRP (PDF)
VirusGEN® AAV Kit with RevIT™ AAV Enhancer Protocol (PDF)

Quick Reference Protocol
VirusGEN® AAV Kit with RevIT™ AAV Enhancer QRP (PDF)

RevIT™ AAV Enhancer SDS (PDF)
VirusGEN® AAV Kit with RevIT™ AAV Enhancer SDS (PDF)

Additional Resources

Virus Titer Reference Card: Methods to Measure Lentivirus and Adeno-associated Virus in Your Sample (PDF)

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Sally Mader, PhD
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