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Human IgG1 Expression Control – 100 ug

A heavy and light chain mixture ideal for verifying antibody expression in mammalian cells

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  • Optimized – Equimolar ratios of human IgG1 heavy & light chain constructs designed using DNA2.0 IP-Free vector technology
  • Sensitive – Verify human IgG1 expression as a control using ELISA or other methods
  • Compatible – Suitable for use with any large scale antibody expression system
  • Ease of Use – Supplied at a ready-to-use 1.0 mg/ml concentration


Human IgG1 Expression Control is an Optimized Premix of Heavy and Light Chain Constructs. The Human IgG1 Expression Control is an equimolar premix of proprietary human IgG1 heavy and light chain expression constructs with antibody expression driven by CMV promoters. This product incorporates DNA2.0 IP-Free© vector technology.

SKU: MIR 6250

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Sally Mader, PhD
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