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Delivers 2-4x increase in AAV titers across many serotypes, cell lines, growth media, and transfection reagents

Significantly reduces production costs and doubles the doses that can be produced in a single bioreactor run

MADISON, Wis., Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mirus Bio, a life sciences company developing innovative solutions for nucleic acid delivery to support cell and gene therapy production, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and research applications, today announced the launch of the RevIT AAV Enhancer. When added to the adeno-associated virus (AAV) production process, the novel enhancer increases AAV titers 2-4x in suspension 293 cells. It can be used in combination with the company’s VirusGEN® transfection platform, as well as with polymer-only transfection reagents with minimal process optimization. As evidence of its broad applicability, the RevIT Enhancer increased titers in all AAV serotypes tested to date, and with a variety of cell lines and cell culture media commonly used to produce recombinant AAV.

“As our second-generation enhancer, we designed RevIT specifically to broaden its utility across many different AAV manufacturing processes,” said Laura Juckem, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Development at Mirus Bio. “We also designed it to be easy to implement in existing workflows. One of our customers has used the enhancer to produce capsids for several gene therapy assets representing different AAV serotypes and transgene sizes. The RevIT Enhancer was added to their upstream processes with little to no changes in cells, media, transfection time, or cell density.”

Because of its ability to significantly increase AAV titer, using the RevIT Enhancer also delivers substantial cost savings and doubles the doses that can be produced in a single bioreactor run. In a cost modeling study conducted by Mirus Bio, use of the VirusGEN transfection platform in combination with the RevIT Enhancer reduced the cost per dose of an AAV-based gene therapy by up to 50% compared to use of VirusGEN alone in a 200L bioreactor run in a GMP setting. Similar savings were achieved using the RevIT Enhancer with polymer-only transfection reagents. Cost savings are driven by the increase in AAV titers and the ability to use less pDNA in the AAV manufacturing process.

“High yield virus production is required to advance gene therapy by meeting total demand and enabling more cost-effective manufacturing,” said Dale Gordon, CEO of Mirus Bio. “With the ability to increase AAV titer, reduce manufacturing costs, and double the doses that can be produced in a single bioreactor run, the RevIT Enhancer helps to address some of the fundamental cost and yield challenges facing today’s gene therapy industry.”

About Mirus Bio

Mirus Bio is a leading provider of transfection products for the biopharmaceutical and research industries, offering best-in-class reagents for gene therapy, recombinant protein, and stem cell applications. A pioneer in nucleic acid delivery, the company has been enabling scientific research and innovation for more than two decades. In 2021, Mirus introduced VirusGEN® GMP Transfection Reagent and Enhancers to address the commercial biopharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy markets with support for virus manufacturing, gene editing, and biotherapeutic protein production.

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