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The Mirus Bio Executive Team guides development of nucleic acid delivery solutions that enable new discoveries and the development of therapeutics with the potential to define the future of healthcare. 

Dale Gordon

Chief Executive

Laura Juckem

Vice President, Research and Development

Phil Vanek

Chief Business

Geoffrey Schwartz

Chief Commercial Officer

Fletcher Malcom

Director, Strategy, Product and Business Development

Miguel Dominguez

Global Director, Field Applications & Support

Jena Lange


Scott Hinkleman

Senior Director,



Gordon succeeded founders Jon Wolff and Jim Hagstrom in carrying the scientific legacy of the company forward with an expanded focus on enabling both the research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing markets, specifically in the cell and gene therapy industry. Gordon brought more than three decades of global leadership experience in life sciences to Mirus, most recently as CEO of Gemini Biosciences. Before Gemini, Gordon held leadership roles at GE Life Sciences (Now Cytiva) and Merck Millipore.

Under Gordon’s guidance, Mirus Bio has become a trusted name in cell and gene therapy, developing innovative technologies that enable efficient and effective delivery of genetic material into cells. His strategic vision and commitment to scientific excellence have positioned Mirus Bio as a frontrunner in the cell and gene therapy industry. Gordon’s passion for improving human health through advanced therapies has been the driving force behind Mirus Bio’s achievements. He has fostered a collaborative, dynamic work culture that encourages innovation and empowers employees to push boundaries.

Gordon holds a Microbiology and Cell Science degree from the University of Florida.  His commitment to advancing gene therapy and improving patient outcomes has earned him respect from the Mirus Bio team. As the CEO of Mirus Bio, Gordon remains dedicated to leading the company toward new frontiers in gene delivery technology. His unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that Mirus Bio will continue to contribute significantly to the field and revolutionize the treatment of genetic diseases.



Laura first joined Mirus Corporation in 2001 as the first dedicated transfection reagent development associate scientist.  She left to pursue her graduate studies in virus entry and innate immune activation.  Following graduate school Laura worked at EMD Chemicals Inc. as an R&D Senior Scientist where she developed high-throughput bead-based immunoassays. Laura rejoined Mirus Bio LLC in 2009 and has held various roles such as an R&D Senior Scientist, R&D Group Leader, Director of Scientific Operations, Vice President of Scientific Operations and most recently, Vice President, Research and Development. Laura brings to Mirus over 17 years industry experience including: basic research, product development/NPI, operations (i.e. manufacturing, quality, shipping logistics), and product management.  She led the implementation and commercialization of Mirus’ first GMP-compliant products in 2021.  During her tenure Mirus has developed and successfully launched > 15 novel internally developed products, supported numerous external collaborations/partnerships and authored patents, scientific articles and protocols. 

Laura and her world-class team of biologists and chemists focus on understanding nucleic acid delivery in a wide variety of high-need applications to bring the best transfection reagents and related products to the market.  These technologies enable scientists around the world to execute on their research initiatives.

Laura holds a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point and a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.



Phil is responsible for technical due diligence and evaluation of potential investments, as well as guiding operational, R&D and strategic initiatives carried out at portfolio companies. An entrepreneurial and strategic international business leader, Phil joins Gamma from GE Healthcare’s Cell and Gene Therapy business unit where he directed strategy and portfolio growth. Phil received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Georgetown University Medical Center followed by an IRTA fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland, and at the Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, SC. Phil was an instructor for Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs teaching Biotechnology Marketing in the Masters of Biotechnology / MBA program, and has held leadership positions in a number of life sciences companies including Life Technologies, Becton Dickinson, and Lonza. Phil is a Board Member of CCRM in Toronto Canada and a Board Member of the ARM Foundation.



As our Chief Commercial Officer, Geoff focuses on delivering sustainable and profitable growth while developing strong teams and team members, and a strong Mirus culture. Prior to joining Mirus, Geoff was the senior vice president of commercial operations at Bio-Rad, where he helped to transform the 70-year-old family business into a mature, scalable, shareholder-accountable market leader and significant annual growth in service revenues. His experience in the life sciences industry includes leadership positions in the sales and commercial operations of Sartorius, General Electric, and MilliporeSigma. Geoff has a BS in biology from the University of Richmond, an MS in biotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from California State University. Geoff and his wife are the proud parents of twins and in his spare time, he enjoys the company of his extended family, golf, and playing piano.



Fletcher is a creative biotech industry professional with subject matter expertise in product strategy and bringing new products to market. In his current role, he leads the strategy, product management, and business development functions at Mirus Bio.

Most recently Fletcher was Head of Product at Nanopareil where he designed and executed product strategy. Prior to Nanopareil he helped develop and launch Repligen’s OPUS® pre-packed column product line in 2012 and spent 9 years building the business into the market segment leader with annual revenues >$50M. From 2012-2021, Fletcher spearheaded more than 10 go-to-market product launch campaigns and worked closely with end-users to implement the technology for cGMP applications. Passionate about new technology, Fletcher is driven by his vision of delivering transformative products to the bioprocessing industry. He holds a BA in chemistry from Hamilton College and an MBA from Babson College.



Miguel Dominguez has a technical background and prides himself in supporting the customer journey from both a technical and customer service perspective. He currently leads the Field Application Scientists, Technical Support Scientists, and the Customer Service department.

Miguel has overseen various technical and commercial roles at Mirus over the past decade. He and his teams have supported the launch of various products including the TransIT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System, CHOgro High Yield Expression System, Ingenio EZporator Electroporation System, and the VirusGEN RUO and GMP product lines. His experience includes support and management for over 30 disributors in over 40 countries world-wide. Most recently he has dedicated himself to enhancing the customer experience with his global FAS team, in-house Technical Support team and Customer Service department. His avid desire to support the customer drives his desire to make Mirus Bio a leader in the cell and gene therapy space. He holds a BS in Genetics from Texas A&M University and a MS in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin.

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Jena is a proven Operations Leader with extensive experience in operational excellence and program and project management. As the Director of Operations at Mirus Bio, she oversees cGMP and RUO operations, ensuring high quality and streamlined processes across the organization. In her role, Jena oversees supply chain, manufacturing, production chemistry, quality control, quality assurance, logistics, warehouse, and project management.

Prior to joining Mirus, Jena spent six years at Thermo Fisher Scientific including time as a Senior Program Manager for the company’s Cell Biology Global Operations and as a Senior Manager of Manufacturing and Operations for the Biosciences Division. She began her career at GE Aviation in their Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) and then moved up the ranks in various positions in jet engine assembly and component manufacturing at GE Aviation and partner companies. Jena earned a BS in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics and an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Wisconsin.



Scott is the Senior Director of Finance at Mirus Bio. Prior to joining Mirus, he spent nearly ten years at Web Courseworks, five of which were in the role of chief operating officer. Scott has a BA in finance and management from the University of Wisconsin and is a certified public accountant.