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Chemical Transfection

TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System


Sample TransIT-X2®

The TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System is a single transfection solution for Plasmid DNA, siRNA, CRISPR gRNA and Cas9 RNP delivery.

  • Superior transfection in a broad range of cell types
  • Optimized for co-transfection applications
  • One reagent for gene expression, knockdown or CRISPR applications

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Ingenio® Electroporation Solution

Ingenio EZporator

Sample Ingenio®

Ingenio® Electroporation Solution is a universal electroporation solution compatible with multiple cell types and devices.

  • Use your existing system including the Ingenio® EZporator®, Nucleofector®, Bio-Rad® or Harvard BTX®
  • Reduce cost when using the Lonza Nucleofector® without sacrificing performance

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Virus Production

TransIT-VirusGEN® Transfection Reagent


Sample TransIT-VirusGEN®

The TransIT-VirusGEN® Transfection Reagent is designed to enhance delivery of packaging and transfer vectors to adherent HEK 293T and suspension 293-F cell types to increase recombinant AAV production.

  • Reliable and consistent high titer virus production
  • Scalable across different formats
  • Flexible to address different viral vectors and cell culture formats

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