Ingenio® EZporator® and Electroporation Solution

Mirus Bio offers a universal solution for your existing electroporator as well as an innovative electroporation device


Universal Solution

Ingenio® Electroporation Solution

Ingenio Electroporation Solution

Sample Ingenio®

Ingenio® Electroporation Solution is a universal electroporation solution compatible with multiple cell types and devices.

  • Use your existing system including the Ingenio® EZporator®, Nucleofector®, Bio-Rad® or Harvard BTX®
  • Reduce cost when using the Lonza Nucleofector® without sacrificing performance

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Complete System

Ingenio® EZporator®

Ingenio EZporator

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The Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System is an easy-to-use electroporation system for mammalian cells.

  • Easily optimize electroporation parameters for each cell type
  • Every system comes with a complimentary Ingenio® Electroporation Kit

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