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Menlo Park, CA and Madison, WI (Mar 22, 2022) ‒ Gamma Biosciences, a global life sciences company serving the advanced therapy market, today announced an initiative through its subsidiary Mirus Bio, a leader in nucleic acid delivery technology, to develop novel, highly active lipid-polymer nanocomplexes for therapeutic mRNA delivery in vivo. The newly created initiative within Mirus Bio will develop improved mRNA delivery solutions leveraging Mirus’ proprietary formulations of membrane active polymers and lipids.

“mRNA vaccines and gene therapies require efficient delivery of RNA or DNA cargo. Both RNA and DNA are large, hydrophilic macromolecules and require an ‘active nanoparticle’ to assist delivery into cells,” Laura Juckem, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Operations at Mirus Bio stated. “Our extensive work with viruses and viral infection processes for more than two decades has allowed us to create ‘active non-viral nanoparticles,’ which incorporate membrane-active molecules and mimic the natural behavior of viruses to carry out this process.” 

“Leveraging our rationally designed polymer and lipid libraries, which are the foundation of our current range of in vitro transfection products, we are identifying novel formulations for further development and optimization,” said Dale Gordon, CEO at Mirus Bio. “We believe newly identified polymer or lipid/polymer nanocomplex compounds will be applicable for both next-generation mRNA vaccine development and targeted mRNA-based therapeutics.”

For more than two decades, Mirus Bio has delivered best-in-class transfection reagents to the research community, including products for the delivery of mRNA, DNA, siRNA, miRNA. In 2021, the company launched a GMP-grade version of its flagship product TransIT-VirusGEN® GMP, along with complementary kits with enhancers, to address the demand for therapeutic virus production (AAV and lentivirus).

“In many ways, Mirus is returning to its roots with the launch of this initiative,” said Phil Vanek, Chief Technology Officer of Gamma Biosciences. “The company’s core lipid-polymer technology was originally developed for in vivo delivery of siRNA. Much of that expertise remains within the company today, and we’re excited to bring it back into the forefront to address a major opportunity in advanced therapy.”

About Gamma Biosciences
Gamma Biosciences is a leading life sciences company providing products and services to support the development and manufacturing of advanced biologic therapies. Our operating companies are committed to advancing the science and art of bioprocessing by delivering market-ready innovation and expertise that helps our customers, mainly biopharmaceutical companies and contract development and manufacturing companies, safely bring therapies to patients more quickly and efficiently. Gamma is a global company with offices and major manufacturing facilities in North America, the U.K. and Belgium.

About Mirus Bio
Mirus Bio is a leading provider of transfection products for the biopharmaceutical and research industries, offering best-in-class reagents for gene therapy, recombinant protein, and stem cell applications. An original pioneer in nucleic acid delivery, the company has been enabling scientific research and innovation for more than two decades. In 2021, Mirus introduced TransIT-VirusGEN® GMP Transfection Reagent and Enhancers to address the commercial biopharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy markets with support for virus manufacturing, gene editing and biotherapeutic protein production. 

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