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He Song Sun

University of Toronto Scarborough - Cell and Molecular Biology

"Excellent technical support, they are very knowledgeable."
Review published in Select Science®

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Phone: 888.530.0801 (Toll Free within the U.S.) or +1.608.441.2852
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Phone: 844.MIRUSBIO (Toll Free within the U.S.) or +1.608.441.2852

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Mirus Bio LLC
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OEM Opportunities

Mirus Bio makes many of our TransIT® Transfection reagents and Label IT® labeling products available to qualified life science reagent companies for OEM sale under their own brand names. Please contact us for additional information.

Product is sold to the Buyer with a limited license to use the product for research only. The product, or parts from the product, may not be re-packaged or re-sold without written permission from Mirus Bio LLC. A license from Mirus Bio LLC is required for commercial application of the product. For obtaining a license to use the product for commercial application, contact Mirus Bio LLC, 545 Science Drive, Madison, WI 53711. Email: