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Team Mirusonians Tackle Childhood Cancer in the Great Cycle Challenge

Last Updated: September 1, 2023

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Special TransMission incoming from our GCC team leader (a.k.a. Director of Chemistry at Mirus Bio) Nick Rossi, Ph.D.!


Great Cycle Challenge - Support Team Mirusonians


Hello TransMission Readers,

As scientists, we all think about how our work can advance our chosen disciplines and how it might make a difference, however small and abstract. At Mirus everyone wakes up and comes into work knowing that whatever we do—whether we are involved in early-stage R&D, Product Management, Shipping or Sales—we will have a small but significant role in helping peoples’ lives.

At Mirus Bio, our stated mission is to Deliver Innovation, Empower Discovery and Improve Life. We are here because we are inspired by being part of something bigger and something that will eventually help cure a myriad of diseases. We strive to do our best for these reasons. This translates to striving to develop ever better reagents for our customers and partners in the scientific community so that they may reach their goals.

Each year, to highlight and support research in the biomedical field, Mirus employees dust off their saddles and hitch their bicycles to the Great Cycle Challenge (GCC), a charity that raises money specifically to help fight Childhood Cancer. Tragically, cancer is the largest killer of children by disease in the United States—38 children die of cancer every week. It's awful to think so many young lives are lost to this terrible disease. Kids should be living life, not fighting for it. To show our support, Mirus employees are once again taking on this 30-day challenge to support cancer research and give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

Last year, Team Mirusonians rode over 2,600 miles and raised well over $8,000 through the GCC to help fight against Childhood Cancer!!! This year, we would love to crush that amount, so we are asking for your support to help a great cause.

How can you help? You can join or donate directly to the Mirus team by going to: https://greatcyclechallenge.com/Teams/Mirusonians.

Alternatively, if you’d like to take on the GCC yourself or with your own company or group, it’s easy to start riding and fundraising here.

We look forward to doing all we can at Mirus Bio to help develop the next wave of advances in the biomedical field through our state-of-the-art Transfection Reagents and our not-so-state-of-the-art bicycles!!!


Team Mirusonians



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