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Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 4

Howdy everyone! What we have all BEEn waiting for: the final installment of our ‘Transfecting Insect Cells’ series with Dr. Bees.

So far, we have discussed common insect cell lines and TransIT®-Insect (Part 1), producing baculovirus with flashBAC™ (Part 2) and key features of pOET Transfer Plasmids (Part 3). Today in Part 4, we will bug out on how baculovirus can be used to produce virus-like particles (VLPs) and other kinds of viral vectors, such as AAV!

Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 3

Howdy everyone! Dr. Bees here. So far, we have discussed common insect cell lines and the insect-specific transfection reagent TransIT®-Insect (Part 1) and producing baculovirus with flashBAC™ (Part 2). Today in Part 3, we will do a quick flyover of the pOET Transfer Plasmids, which complement flashBAC™ DNA like bees and honey!

Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 2

Howdy everyone! Dr. Bees is back with the 2nd installment of our insect transfection series, and bee-lieve me you will enjoy this one. Last time, we covered commonly transfected insect cell lines. Today we are going to focus on flashBAC™–what it is and how to use it for producing baculovirus.

Transfecting Insect Cells, Pt. 1

Howdy everyone! Guest writing for the TransMission is one of our field application specialists, Dr. Bees… which is a nom-de-plume, of course!

Starting the month of February for you love bugs and valentines, Dr. Bees will be doing a series of insect-themed posts, including transfection solutions that Mirus has developed for insect cells. In Part 1, we begin by introducing the cast of characters and the critical cell biology of insects.