NOTICE: The Label IT® miRNA Labeling Kits (MIR 9305, MIR 9325, MIR 9410, MIR 9450, MIR 9510, MIR 9550, MIR 9610, MIR 9650) are discontinued. Please contact the technical services team with questions:

The Label IT® miRNA Labeling Kits

The Best Choice for Accurate, Sensitive, and Reproducible miRNA Microarray Expression Profiling

  • Accurate and Reproducible–Confidently detect all miRNAs present in a sample including those our competitors systematically miss
  • Sensitive Detection of Subfemtomole miRNA Amounts–Detect low abundance miRNAs and generate complete expression profiles
  • Simple, Rapid Labeling–One step, direct chemical labeling reaction completed in only two hours saving valuable time and reducing chance of experimental error
Accurate - miRNA Expression Profiles Corroborate Northern Blotting Results

miRNA-enriched Samples From Mouse Brain and Heart Were Labeled With Cy®3 (brain) or Cy®5 (heart) Using the Label IT® miRNA Labeling Kit. The labeled samples were pooled and hybridized to duplicate miRMAX™ miRNA-specific microarrays (Rutgers). (A) Representative field from a hybridized array. (B) Average corrected Cy®3 (green bars, brain expression) and Cy®5 (red bars, heart expression) signals for 12 candidate miRNA features. (C) Predominant miRNA expression pattern determined by northern blotting (H = heart, B = brain) and published previously (Sempere et. al. 2004. Genome Biology 5(3): R13).

Easy-to-Use: 1-Step Direct Chemical Labeling in Only 2 Hours

The Label IT® miRNA Labeling Reagents are Composed of a Fluorophore (or Biotin) Attached to the Positively Charged Label IT® Linker and Reactive Alkylating Group. The Label IT® Reagents covalently attach fluorophores (or biotin) to any reactive heteroatom in miRNAs without affecting downstream hybridization performance. miRNA labeling and purification can be completed in only two hours.

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