TransIT® Transfection Reagents for DNA and RNA Mediated Virus Production

DNA Mediated Virus Production Reagents

  • TransIT®-VirusGEN™: developed to provide high titer AAV & Lentivirus production with one reagent
  • TransIT®-Lenti: optimized for adherent Lentivirus production in 293T cells
  • TransIT®-LT1: the first serum compatible, broad spectrum transfection reagent
  • TransIT®-293: the first cell line specific reagent targeting efficient transfection of HEK-293 cells
  • TransIT®-2020: high efficiency broad spectrum, animal origin free transfection reagent

RNA Mediated Virus Production Reagents

  • TransIT®-mRNA: generate high titers with superior RNA virus delivery

DNA Mediated Virus Production

High Titer Virus Production Using TransIT-2020

Rescue of Influenza Virus by Reverse Transfection With TransIT®-2020 Transfection Reagent. 293T and MDBK cells are reverse transfected with up to 10 separate influenza virus rescue plasmids per experiment. Reagent:total DNA complexes are prepared with TransIT®-2020 Transfection Reagent at a 3:1 ratio of reagent to total DNA. Virus-containing supernatants are harvested 48-96 hr post-transfection. Titers from transfected cells can be as high as 107 pfu/ml. Rescued virus is then amplified on MDBK cells to increase titer and total yield. Viral stocks are subsequently titered by plaque assay on MDCK cells. Titers from representative rescue experiments with different viral strains and reassortants are shown. This experimental strategy is adapted from Neumann, et al. 2005 PNAS.

Data courtesy of Andrew Mehle, University of Wisconsin-Madison

TransIT-293 Reagent Achieves High Transfection Efficiency in HEK 293 Cells

TransIT®-293 Reagent Achieves High Transfection Efficiency in HEK 293 Cells. HEK 293 cells were transfected with pEGFP using TransIT®-293 Reagent in complete media. Cells were visualized under fluorescent microscopy 24 hours post-transfection.


Citations for DNA mediated virus production using TransIT® Transfection Reagents

Virus Cell Type Product Citation
293-F TransIT®-VirusGEN™ New! 
293T TransIT®-VirusGEN™ New! 
Lentivirus 293-F TransIT®-VirusGEN™ New! 
293T TransIT®-Lenti New!
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RNA Mediated Virus Production

TransIT-mRNA Transfection Kit Successfully Delivers Large Viral RNA

TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit Successfully Delivers Large Viral RNA. A 32 kb transcript of the murine coronavirus (MHV) was transfected into DBT cells using the TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit. Successful transfection was assessed 24-48 hours post-transfection by comparing a no RNA control (A) to the formation of syncytia (B) with MHV RNA. Syncytia were visualized by phase contrast microscopy.

Data courtesy of Mark Clementz, Loyola Univeristy of Chicago

TransIT-mRNA Transfection Kit Delivers RNA More Efficiently than Electroporation

TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit Delivers RNA More Efficiently than Electroporation. Huh7 cells were transfected with 2 µg of a yellow fever virus-luciferase expressing RNA replicon (YFV-luc) using the TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit or electroporation in PBS with 5 ug of the YFV-luc RNA replicon using an ECM630 Electroporator (BTX®) under optimal conditions. Twenty-four hours later, cells were harvested and assayed for luciferase activity and total protein content. Luciferase activity was normalized to total protein content to correct for differences in cell number between samples.


Citations for RNA mediated virus production using TransIT® Transfection Reagents

Virus Cell Type Product Citation
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HCV HuH-7.5 TransIT®-mRNA Phan et al. J Virol; 2011; 85: 1193-1204.
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HEV PLC/PRF/5 TransIT®-mRNA Yamada et al. J Gen Virol 2009; 90: 457-462.

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