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Video: High yield protein production using TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit

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Working with suspension CHO cells?

NEW! TransIT-PRO® is now is a part of a complete high yield CHOgro® Expression System developed to achieve high yields in suspension CHO cells. Find out more >>

New Citations!

Kinetic characterization of a cocaineydrolase engineered from mouse butyrylcholinesterase expressed in CHO-S cells using TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit. Read more in the article

Expression of CD123xCD3 bispecific scFv immunofusion for leukemia treatment in CHO-S cells using TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit.
Read more in the article

Enhanced optineurin E50K–TBK1 interaction evokes protein insolubility and initiates familial primary open-angle glaucoma. Read more in the article

Customer Testimonial

We recently engineered a bispecific immunofusion for the treatment and elimination of leukemia stem cells. For this work we chose TransIT-PRO® for antibody production in CHO-S cells based on the high protein yield we obtained. (Kuo et al. Protein Eng Des Sel. 2012 Oct;25(10):561-9. Epub 2012 Jun 27).