Applications: Antibody/Protein Production

Biotherapeutic Protein Production in Suspension CHO and 293 Cells

  • Achieve high yields of antibodies and other proteins in suspension CHO and 293 cells
  • Compatible with multiple media formulations; achieve highest titers in CHO cells using CHOgro® Expression Medium
  • Easy to use protocol
  • Reproducible protein expression with minimal optimization
  • Streamline your protein production by lowering labor and media costs
  • No solubility and batch reproducibility issues like PEI

Working with suspension CHO cells?

NEW! TransIT-PRO® is now is a part of a complete high yield CHOgro® Expression System developed to achieve high yields in suspension CHO cells. Find out more >>

Reach critical stages faster

Decrease time to produce usable protein by maximizing target protein yields through transient transfection. The TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit uses animal origin free components designed for high and reproducible nucleic acid delivery into suspension CHO and 293 derived cells. Since it is compatible with varied media formulations, the same media can be used for both transient and stable expression. The TransIT-PRO® outperforms linear PEI in protein yield, while providing a cost-effective alternative to FreeStyle™ MAX and 293fectin™ Transfection Reagents.

Paper: Selecting a Transfection Reagent for Large Scale Protein Production in Suspension 293 Cell Types (PDF)
Poster: Maximizing Protein Expression in CHO Suspension Cells through Transient Transfection (PDF)
Article: Maximize Protein Expression in CHO Suspension Cells (PDF), Juckem LK. Reprinted with permission from BioProcess International 8(7), July-August 2010; 122-123.

Estimated Cost Comparison Between Transfections using CHOgro® Expression System and 25 kDa Linear PEI*

* Hypothetical Scenario - If a researcher needed to produce 150 mg of a IgG protein (see comparison data in the table below), 4x more culture volume would be required if 25kDa linear PEI was used with the FreeStyle™ CHO Expression Medium compared to the CHOgro® Expression System. The cost comparison of 4x the materials and 1.5x the labor costs leads to a 40% reduction in costs if the CHOgro® Expression System is utilized. The PEI experiment would also take up more incubator space due to more flasks.

  Materials needed for 1 Liter Transfection CHOgro® Expression System including TransIT-PRO® Transfection Reagent 25 kDa Linear PEI (4X Materials, 1.5X Labor)
pei 1L Media $100.00 $390.00
100 ml Complex Formation Media $25.00 $100.00
1.0 mg DNA $100.00 $400.00
Transfection Reagent $357.00 $2.00
Disposable 1L Culture Flask $102.00 $408.00
Time in hours* $150.00 per hour $750.00 $1,125.00
TOTAL $1,434.00 $2,425.00
    ~40% higher cost associated with PEI transfection reagent

CHOgro® Expression System Outperforms Linear PEI. Human IgG was produced by transient transfection using TransIT-PRO® (1:1) or 25 kDa linear PEI (6:1) in either the CHOgro® or FreeStyle™ Expression System. CHO-S cells were grown in designated medium and split to 30ml per 125ml shake flask (Thomson). Clarified supernatants were analyzed using a human IgG ELISA (ZeptoMetrix). Error bars represent the standard error of the mean of triplicate technical replicates.

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Video: High yield protein production using TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit

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