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Mirus Bio Releases Video Illustration: "The Simplicity of Transfection", Produced by Madison, WI Company, TruScribe

Keeping a reliable method simple, to allow researchers to focus on results

[Madison, WI Nov., 2014] With the release of a new whiteboard video Mirus Bio demonstrates its expanded transfection expertise. The whiteboard animation simply and clearly illustrates the process of transfection using the "Scribology" method of communication. Scribology is a method developed by Madison, WI – based company, TruScribe, that leverages neuroscience research in the use of simple images and narration to help viewers engage with the content and retain key information. TruScribe was recently thrust in to the national spotlight, producing Weird Al Yankovic’s last music video, "Mission Statement".

"Even though many of our customers are highly technical by nature, not all researchers know and understand the mechanisms of transfection; they just know whether or not it works." said Scott Hayes, Vice President Scientific Operations. "This new approach is designed to be simple yet memorable and allows us to present complicated topics clearly. It’s also fun to watch, which might draw the attention of the next generation of scientists."