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Introducing A Transient Transfection Platform that Produces High Protein Titers with Robust Cell Growth in Relevant CHO Cells

Madison, Wis. (August 25, 2015) ‒ The new CHOgro® Expression System by Mirus Bio addresses the low transient gene expression levels in early stage drug development by providing researchers a system that achieves high titers in suspension CHO cells allowing them to quickly obtain sufficient quantities of relevant candidate proteins.

The CHOgro® Expression System is a robust and simple CHO transient protein expression system enabled by critical media attributes such as high density cell growth, quick adaptation and minimization of cell clumping post-transfection. By optimizing the components of the system antibody titers increased 2-10 fold over existing technologies with higher amounts of antibody secreted per cell. Components of the system include: the CHOgro® Expression Medium, TransIT-PRO® Transfection Reagent, CHOgro® Complex Formation Solution, Poloxamer 188 and L-glutamine. Six different representative antibody constructs were tested using this system and notably even CHO cells maintained in other commercially available media formulation (e.g. FreeStyle™ CHO Expression Medium) can be easily adapted with a full media exchange to the CHOgro® Expression Medium 24-hours prior to transfection and yield multi-fold increases in transient expression levels.

“We are confident this new system will address the needs of researchers in early stage drug development,” said Scott Hayes, Ph.D., Vice President of Scientific Operations. “By providing a system that works with relevant CHO cells from the beginning to the end of the workflow, scientists can now have confidence in their experiments and focus on what really matters, the drug targets.”

“The entire system has advantages over other available approaches. The medium and transfection reagent work seamlessly and produce superior results when swapped with components in other commercial systems.” Hayes added. “Not only will researchers see an increase in titers with competitive systems including linear 25kDa PEI, they will also be able to appreciate significant cost savings.”

With the introduction of this new system, interested researchers can visit www.mirusbio.com/chogro for comprehensive information about the CHOgro® Expression System and register to qualify for a trial kit.