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NEW Packaging, Protocols & More!

Mirus Bio New Packaging

Your Mirus Bio products will soon be arriving in this new fully recyclable product package. We’re pretty excited – this is a project that the Mirus team has been working on for awhile, and we really like the new look and feel!

The goal of the new package is simple – we want you, our customer, to know that we have carefully considered a container that will protect your Mirus product from the time you order it, to when it arrives in your lab. It can also be easily identified in the cooler among all of your other products.

Not only that, the handy hinged-top lid package can be repurposed for your favorite mini-basketball game while you wait for your experiments to run.


Here are some of the new packaging and packaging related features…

  • Fully reusable and recyclable product tins and inserts. Use to keep your product safe. When you have used up all of the Mirus product, repurpose your package to keep your matches dry, make a mini-first aid kit or simply toss it into the recycle bin without any worry about waste.
  • Lighter and reusable shipping bags. It might be lighter, but still protects its contents like a bicycle helmet. This outside shipping bag is even reusable!
  • Quick Reference Protocols for all of you who have become transfection experts yourselves. All product shipments will now include the “QRPs*” instead of the full protocol.
  • Detailed protocol, SDS and Certificate of Analysis available online. To reduce the number of product inserts and waste, we provide you these comprehensive documents online so stacks of papers won’t slide off your desk anymore.

New Quick Reference Protocols and Updated Long Protocols

New Packaging Example QRP

Quick Reference Protocols

Our new “QRPs” give researchers:

  • A brief overview of the protocol.
  • The space to make simple notations to record your concentrations for optimal results.
  • Quick reference charts.

*NOTE: “QRPs” are intended for those who are comfortable with performing transfections.

Access the New Quick Reference Protocols here:

Updated Full Protocols

Our Full Protocols have also received updates. Although they are no longer shipped with each product (to reduce paper waste), they can all still be accessed here:

New Packaging-Example SDS

Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Now available online! Researchers, quality control gurus, purchasing managers and anyone else who needs these documents can find them at their fingertips: