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Mirus Bio LLC is a biotechnology company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative nucleic acid based technologies and products. The company currently markets a range of innovative transfection and labeling reagents worldwide. Mirus has immediate openings in the areas listed below. The company is located in the University of Wisconsin - Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin. These positions will offer an environment fostering personal growth and the opportunity to be a real contributor. Also included are a competitive salary and fringe benefits package (paid vacation and sick leave, 401K plan, comprehensive health and dental insurance, long-term disability, and life insurance).

Interested candidates can submit a cover letter and resume by:
E-mail: employment@mirusbio.com
Fax: 608-441-2849
Mail: Mirus Bio LLC, Attn: Jayne Trapp, 545 Science Drive, Madison WI 3711

Open Positions - Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scientist – Polymers and Materials

Title: Scientist – Polymers and Materials
Department: Research & Development
Posting Date: 1/21/2016

Mirus Bio is seeking a Scientist – Polymers and Materials to join our multidisciplinary R&D team to help develop the next generation of transfection reagents and other research tools. Mirus is celebrating its twentieth year anniversary of success as The Transfection Experts having made significant contributions over the years in this field.  This is a great opportunity for an entry-level Ph.D. Polymer Scientist to join an innovative, productive, and exciting team of chemists and biologists developing polymers for state-of-the-art transfection reagents and other biological applications.

- Extensively characterize nano-scale materials using various physical and chemical analytical techniques such as electron microscopy (TEM, cryo-EM), light scattering (DLS, SLS, NTA, zeta potential), small angle scattering (SANS, SAXS), NMR, SEC, fluorescence, CD, MS, IR, UV-vis, DSC, TGA, etc.
- With the support of the R&D group, design, execute, and analyze laboratory experiments that support the development and application of new and existing transfection technologies and products.
- Contribute and evaluate new products ideas/areas to determine technical feasibility and application; maintain familiarity with primary literature and new transfection technologies.  
- Regularly present data to R&D;  Interface and work effectively with other R&D and Production scientists in the development and commercialization of new transfection products.
- Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for particle formation and analysis; create new assays and internal protocols necessary to further our understanding and meet project goals.
- Work on laboratory equipment available at Mirus Bio, UW Madison, and other insitutions; develop good working relationships with the relevant departments to ensure high quality data collection.

- Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with 0-2 years’ relevant experience in Polymers, Materials, Biomaterials, Drug Delivery or related field.
- Expert in the formation and chemical/physical characterization of macromolecules, colloids, and/or nanoparticles, and how they interact with biological materials such as nucleic acids and cell membranes. 
- Hands on experience with a variety of analytical techniques such as electron microscopy, light scattering, zeta potential, small angle scattering, NMR, SEC, fluorescence, IR, CD, MS, UV-vis, DSC, and TGA.
- Ability to work productively in a multi-disciplinary, team environment; capability to work in an organized manner, to make critical observations, and to maintain good records of the results.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

- Experience working in a multi-disciplinary laboratory setting.
- Experience with organic and polymer chemistry synthesis and characterization techniques.
- Previous experience working for a life sciences company.
- Experience working with and handling biological samples.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to:  employment@mirusbio.com