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Mirus Bio Custom Services

From basic research to product development, Mirus Bio scientists utilize their expertise in nucleic acid chemistry, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology to establish innovative technologies and products for use in life science research. Almost two decades ago, our first products reflected advancements achieved in our non-viral gene therapy research. Since then, our scientists have made significant contributions providing new and better tools for a variety of research applications.

In the heart of Midwest research and industry, Mirus Bio is located in the University Research Park (URP), of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Serving as a biotechnology hub, many companies such as Life Technologies, Exact Sciences, Cellular Dynamics and Hologic are located within the research park.

Custom Services

Our Services Include:

Custom Product Dispensing

  • Custom dispenses are only offered for existing products sold by Mirus Bio
  • Custom dispenses are considered for orders exceeding 50 ml in a single order
  • To submit an inquiry:

Full Transfection Offering (pDNA, mRNA, siRNA/miRNA)

  • Stable cell line selection and characterization
  • siRNA/miRNA screening

Custom Cell Type Specific Transfection Reagent Development

  • Find the best transfection reagent for your cell type to meet your experimental goals
  • Custom formulation development using proprietary, state of the art lipid and polymer libraries
  • Comprehensive comparison screening against commercially available transfection reagents

Nucleic Acid Labeling

  • Covalent labeling of any nucleic acid with choice of 9 moieties
  • Visualization of plasmid DNA, mRNA, siRNA/miRNA delivery into cells

Complementary Services

  • Tissue culture services
  • Cryopreservation
  • Custom lipid and polymer synthesis
Custom Service

Service Through Expertise

With our services you can expect:

  • Direct communication with researchers
  • Weekly e-mail updates and access to raw data
  • Teams of chemists and biologists with broad industry experience
  • Reliable results that will allow seamless progression to the next steps of research

What does this mean for your workflow?

  • Simple but time-consuming work can be done quickly and with reliable results
  • Allocated budget can be used efficiently and with measureable results
  • Difficult techniques or cell types can be addressed by our team of experts

For more information, please contact us at customservices@mirusbio.com.