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NEW! TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent

Now available in 30 ml and 150 ml configurations

TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT is our top recommendation for high-titer AAV and lentivirus production. This reagent is identical in formulation to our research-grade TransIT-VirusGEN® and includes additional release testing and quality documentation to streamline the process of ancillary material qualification, ensuring seamless transitions from discovery through large-scale manufacturing.

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POSTER: "The Art of Transfection"

Delivering nucleic acids into mammalian and insect cells without killing cells is an art form. See the process from start to finish in “The Art of Transfection” poster here.


FEATURED CITATION: TransIT®-mRNA Used to Develop an RNA-based Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2

Product Usage: TransIT-mRNA Transfection Kit was used to deliver transcribed virus-derived replicon RNA molecules (including vaccine candidate repRNA-COV2S and control repRNA-GFP) to BHK cells for in vitro repRNA vaccine candidate qualification.



NEW! CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

The CHOgro® High Yield Expression System is the most advanced and cost-effective transient transfection platform for high-titer protein production in suspension CHO cells. Our second-generation system features the CHOgro® Titer Enhancer, which provides rapid, industry-leading protein yields.

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