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NEW! TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent

This new reagent is ideal for large scale virus production for preclinical and early phase clinical trials. It is is identical in formulation to our research-grade TransIT-VirusGEN® and includes additional release testing and quality documentation to streamline the process of ancillary material qualification, ensuring seamless transitions from discovery through large-scale manufacturing.

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POSTER: High Titer Recombinant Lentivirus and AAV Production for Therapeutic Applications

Data will demonstrate how you can push the limits of high titer recombinant lentivirus and AAV production to increase manufacturing capabilities for gene and cell therapy applications.


APPLICATION NOTE: CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

Advances in transient expression platforms have enabled the rapid generation of milligrams to grams of protein early in the drug discovery process. Learn how to simplify and streamline your protein production workflow to achieve higher antibody titers in less time.



NEW! CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

The CHOgro® High Yield Expression System is the most advanced and cost-effective transient transfection platform for high-titer protein production in suspension CHO cells. Our second-generation system features the CHOgro® Titer Enhancer, which provides rapid, industry-leading protein yields.

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