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NEW! TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent

This new reagent is ideal for large scale virus production for preclinical and early phase clinical trials. It is is identical in formulation to our research-grade TransIT-VirusGEN® and includes additional release testing and quality documentation to streamline the process of ancillary material qualification, ensuring seamless transitions from discovery through large-scale manufacturing.

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FEATURED CITATION: TransIT®-LT1 Used to Develop CRISPR-based COVID-19 Antiviral Strategy

TransIT®-LT1 Transfection Reagent was used for (1) transfection of crRNA pools targeting two SARS-COV-2 into human lung epithelial cells (A549 cells) and (2) SARS-COV-2 reporter lentivirus generation… 


FEATURED CITATION: TransIT-X2® Used for COVID-19 Spike Protein Research

TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System was used to (1) produce SARS-CoV-2 spike pseudotyped HIV virions (SARS-CoV-2pp) and VSVG pseudotyped HIV virions (VSVpp) in HEK cells, and (2) to transfect serine protease & control plasmids into MDCK cells for analysis of HA cleavage by serine proteases in the presence or absence of nafamostat … 



NEW! CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

The CHOgro® High Yield Expression System is the most advanced and cost-effective transient transfection platform for high-titer protein production in suspension CHO cells. Our second-generation system features the CHOgro® Titer Enhancer, which provides rapid, industry-leading protein yields.

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